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adder's-tongue a dogtooth violet. [2 definitions]
double-tongue in playing a wind instrument, the action of touching the tongue alternately to the teeth and hard palate, producing rapid articulation of notes.
forked tongue deceitfulness; duplicity.
mother tongue one's first or native language. [2 definitions]
tongue twister a word or series of words difficult to pronounce or speak quickly, usu. because of repeated, similar consonant sounds.
tongue-and-groove joint a carpentry joint in which a projection on one board is fitted into a matching groove on the next.
tongue-in-cheek meant in jest or irony.
tongue-lash (informal) to scold or criticize harshly.
tongue-lashing (informal) a harsh scolding.
tongue-tie a speech impediment caused by restriction of tongue movement by an abnormally short frenum. [2 definitions]
tongue-tied unable to speak, as from embarrassment, bewilderment, or the like. [2 definitions]