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half-truth a partially true or correct statement, esp. one that intentionally omits facts essential for full truthfulness or accuracy, or includes some untruths.
in truth in fact; actually.
moment of truth the precise moment in a bullfight when the bullfighter moves to kill the bull. [2 definitions]
Sojourner Truth American evangelist, abolitionist, orator, and women's rights activist. An African American woman, Sojourner Truth had been enslaved before going on to become an evangelist as well as a moving and persuasive speaker on the subject of racial and gender equality; born Isabella Baumfree (b. 1797?--d. 1883).
truth serum a drug that makes a subject talkative or open to suggestion and perhaps likely to reveal consciously or unconsciously withheld information, used by police or military interrogators and some psychotherapists.
truth table a table that indicates the degree of truth of a compound statement in logic, mathematics, or the like, for every possible combination of the truth-values of its components.