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box turtle any of several North American land turtles with a hinged shell that can completely enclose the body; box tortoise.
green turtle a large marine turtle, common in warmer waters, whose flesh is often used to make turtle soup or other dishes.
mock turtle soup a clear soup made from calf's head or veal, and seasoned to taste like green turtle soup.
mud turtle any of several small freshwater turtles of the Western Hemisphere.
musk turtle any of a family of small aquatic turtles having a heavy, musky scent.
sea turtle a large turtle that lives mostly in the sea. Sea turtles have long legs that are wide and flat so that swimming is easy. Sea turtles come onto the land to lay their eggs.
snapping turtle any of several large freshwater turtles with powerful hooked jaws and a rough shell.
turn turtle to capsize in such a way that the boat is upside down in the water; overturn.