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act up to behave in a bad or mischievous way; misbehave. [2 definitions]
bang up to damage or injure, as in a collision.
bear up to work through something difficult without giving up; endure.
blow up to destroy or be destroyed through an explosion. [3 definitions]
bottle up to control or hold in; not express.
brush up on to bring up to date or review.
build up to grow in size, amount, or intensity. [2 definitions]
bundle up to dress in warm, thick clothing.
bust up to break up.
butter up (informal) to be nice to or praise in the hope of gaining something from the person.
catch up to reach or come up to from behind and next to (usually followed by "to" or "with"). [2 definitions]
chalk up to score; earn. [2 definitions]
choke up to become unable to speak because of strong emotion or stress. [2 definitions]
clam up (informal) to stop talking or refuse to speak.
clean up one's act (informal) to improve one's performance or behavior.
close-up a picture taken very close to someone or something to show details. Close-ups are taken in still photographs and films for television and movies.
cook up (informal) to make up or invent a story; devise.
crack up (informal) to break into laughter.
crop up to appear or happen as a surprise.
curl up to get into a comfortable sitting or lying position.