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float valve a valve controlled by a floating device.
mitral valve the heart valve located between the left auricle and ventricle that prevents blood from flowing back into the auricle when the heart contracts.
needle valve a valve having a slender point that fits precisely into a conical seat, for accurately regulating the flow of fluid, as in a carburetor.
PCV valve a one-way valve that regulates the flow of engine exhaust fumes into an auto engine's cylinders, as part of a pollution control system.
poppet valve see "poppet."
relief valve a valve that opens automatically to relieve pressure, as in a boiler; safety valve.
safety valve a valve that opens automatically to reduce the pressure of confined gas or steam when a dangerously high level is reached. [2 definitions]
valve trombone a trombone that has three or four valves instead of a slide.