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Berlin Wall a barrier first erected in 1961 that separated West Berlin from East Berlin, eventually fortified and extended to create a border between West Germany and East Germany, and ultimately opened to unrestricted transit on November 9, 1989, prior to being dismantled.
cell wall the rigid outermost layer of a plant cell, which is made of cellulose.
curtain wall an exterior wall that has no structural function.
dry wall a prefabricated wall or panel made of plaster dried between paper sheets or boards; wallboard.
fire wall a wall of fireproof material intended to prevent the spread of fire, as from one part of a building to another. [2 definitions]
retaining wall a wall that is built to hold a mass of earth or water in place.
sea wall a wall or embankment strong enough to withstand the force of waves, built esp. to protect a shore from erosion.
Wall Street a lower Manhattan street in New York City that is the chief financial center of the United States. [2 definitions]
wall-to-wall covering all of a room's floor, as a carpet. [4 definitions]