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alpha wave the type of brain wave that is a sign of relaxation, having frequencies from eight to thirteen hertz; alpha rhythm.
brain wave (usu. pl.) rhythmic electric impulses occurring within the brain. [2 definitions]
cold wave a period of abnormally cold weather. [2 definitions]
delta wave a low-frequency electric brain wave present during deep sleep in normal adults; delta rhythm.
electromagnetic wave a wave that contains a magnetic and electric component and that is created by an accelerating electric charge, such as a radio wave, x-ray, or light.
ground wave a radio wave traveling on or near the earth's surface and affected by its curvature, atmosphere, and the like.
heat wave a period of unusually hot weather.
Hertzian wave an electromagnetic wave, such as a radio wave, produced when electricity is oscillated in a conductor.
long wave a low-frequency electromagnetic wave, usu. a radio wave that is longer than one thousand meters and below three hundred kilohertz in frequency.
new wave (sometimes cap.) any of various new movements or styles that depart radically from established ones, esp. in the arts or popular culture.
permanent wave artificial waves that are set into the hair by the application of special chemicals, and that last for usu. two or three months; permanent.
radio wave an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength of between one millimeter and thirty thousand meters, or a frequency of between ten kilohertz and three hundred thousand megahertz.
Rayleigh wave a wave on the surface of a solid, such as that caused on the surface of the earth by an earthquake.
shock wave a compression wave, such as that produced by an explosion; blast. [2 definitions]
sine wave a smooth, periodic oscillation that is the graphical representation of a sine function.
sound wave a longitudinal pressure wave in an elastic medium such as air, esp. one that is in an audible range.
tidal wave an unusual rise or incursion of the sea, caused by an underwater quake, a hurricane, or the like; tsunami. [2 definitions]
wave band a specific range of radio frequencies, such as those assigned for radio and television transmission.
wave guide a piece of hollow metal tubing used for the conduction or directional transmission of microwaves.
wave-form a mathematical representation of the form of a wave, usu. plotted as a graph.