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blush wine any of certain dry, slightly pink wines made from red-wine grapes.
jug wine inexpensive wine sold in large juglike bottles.
Rhine wine any of various light, semidry, white wines that come from the Rhine Valley, or similar wines from elsewhere.
table wine a wine, usu. served with meals, containing not more than fourteen percent alcohol.
wine and dine to entertain, as by treating to a lavish dinner and drinks.
wine cellar a place, often a cellar, for the storing of wine. [2 definitions]
wine cooler a beverage made with wine, usu. white, fruit juice or flavoring, and carbonated water.
wine gallon see "gallon."
wine steward one who is responsible for the selection and serving of wines in a restaurant or the like; sommelier.
wine-colored having the color of red wine; deep purple-red.