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campeachy wood see "logwood."
wood alcohol see "methyl alcohol."
wood block a block of wood on which a woodcut or wood engraving is made.
wood duck a brightly colored North American duck that nests in trees, often near woodland ponds or lakes.
wood engraving the art or process of engraving on wood, esp. on the end grain with a burin. [3 definitions]
wood ibis a very large white stork that has a featherless gray head, a thin downward-curving bill, and black wing patches, that is found in wetlands from the southern United States to South America and Africa.
wood lot an area where trees are cultivated, esp. for firewood or lumber.
wood louse any of certain small terrestrial crustaceans that have seven pairs of legs and flat elliptical bodies, such as the sow bug.
wood nymph in Greek and Roman mythology, any of the spirits or nymphs that live in the woods; dryad. [3 definitions]
wood pulp wood converted to pulp by physical or chemical means, used esp. in the making of paper.
wood screw a sharply pointed screw designed to be used in wood.
wood sorrel any of various related, creeping, woodland plants of Europe and North America that have heart-shaped compound leaves, containing oxalic acid, and bear white, pink, or yellow flowers.
wood tar a dark sticky liquid distilled from the slow, flameless burning of wood, used as a preservative on timber, rope, and the like, and in the making of creosote and pitch.
wood thrush a large common North American woodland thrush with a reddish head and large dark spots on a white breast, noted for its beautiful song.
wood turning the process of shaping wood on a lathe.