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blood work the medical analysis of blood as carried out by medical professionals; blood testing. [2 definitions]
drawn work ornamentation of fabric produced by drawing out threads and creating a lacy effect.
make-work work given to those who would otherwise be idle, which has no real use or value in itself.
paperwork routine written or clerical work that accompanies business or other transactions.
right-to-work law a state law that forbids an employer from refusing employment to a person on the basis of his or her not being a union member.
scut work (informal) work that is regarded as tedious, menial, dirty, or otherwise distasteful.
social work work that promotes the well-being of society, as by assisting the underprivileged or disadvantaged.
welfare work the organized efforts of a community, agency, or organization to improve the living conditions and job opportunities of its needy citizens.
work ethic a belief in the moral virtue of hard work.
work force the total number of workers who are actively employed in a business, industry, or nation, or who are available for employment; labor force.
work house a U.S. prison for minor offenders serving short sentences, who are employed at manual labor while confined; house of correction.
work of art a product of creative effort, esp. in the graphic or plastic arts, such as a painting or sculpture. [2 definitions]
work out to solve by making special efforts. [2 definitions]
work song a folk song that is sung as an accompaniment to and often to establish the tempo of manual labor such as the laying of railroad ties.
work-release of or denoting a corrections program in which some prisoners are allowed to leave prison for a certain amount of time each day in order to work at an outside job.
work-study of or pertaining to a program, as at a college or university, that provides part-time employment for students as well as enabling them to continue their academic pursuits.
work-up a thorough medical examination of a patient, including lab tests, case history, and the like. [2 definitions]