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art deco (sometimes cap.) a decorative style of the 1920s and 1930s that featured geometric shapes and bold colors and that was applied to furniture, glass and plastic ware, graphic productions, architecture, and the like.
art nouveau (sometimes cap.) a style of art in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, notable for motifs taken from nature and expressed with curved lines.
art room a room in a school where art is taught and where art materials are kept.
black art black magic; sorcery.
fine art (often pl.) art, esp. visual art, practiced and admired for its beauty or significance rather than its practicality or usefulness. [3 definitions]
kinetic art sculptures or assemblages in which motion occurs, as from an external source such as the wind, or an internal source such as a motor.
martial art (often pl.) any of various systems of self-defense, such as judo and karate, that originated in the Orient.
modern art artistic production associated with a movement in art that began in the late 19th century and continued through the late 20th century, during which period an interest in realism and the use of traditional materials diminished and an interest in abstraction and experimentation with materials flourished.
op art a style of abstract, usu. hard-edged art in which forms, spaces, and colors are deliberately arranged to produce optical ambiguities and illusions.
performance art an art form involving recitation, music, dance, film, and other media presented sometimes simultaneously and sometimes sequentially, usu. on a stage.
plastic art an art, such as sculpture, in which forms are carved or modeled in three dimensions. [2 definitions]
pop art a form of modern art that uses subjects from everyday life and the mass media, and adapts techniques of commercial art such as comic strips.
state of the art the ultimate level of advancement or development available in an object, process, or the like at a given time.
work of art a product of creative effort, esp. in the graphic or plastic arts, such as a painting or sculpture. [2 definitions]