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bring about to cause to come into being; make happen.
bring around to persuade (one) to accept a certain line of thought; convince. [2 definitions]
bring back to reintroduce (something from the past). [3 definitions]
bring down to overthrow (something), or cause to fall. [3 definitions]
bring home the bacon to provide the major financial support for one's household.
bring in to use or get assistance from (a person or group with specialized skills). [5 definitions]
bring into to cause (someone) to be part of a discussion, conversation, or argument.
bring into play to put into motion or effect.
bring out to produce and present (something) to the pubic. [5 definitions]
bring to to cause (someone) to regain consciousness; revive.
bring up to take care of (a child) until the child is an adult. [4 definitions]