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abide by to obey; agree to.
by and by before long; soon.
by and large in general; mostly.
by degrees by steps or stages; gradually.
by far without a doubt; indeed.
by heart by memory.
by hook in any possible way, using any possible means.
by leaps and bounds very quickly.
by the book according to the rules; in the correct way.
by the same token for the same reason.
by water by way of a boat or ship.
by-product some thing or result that comes from an action intended for some other purpose.
good-bye a word used by or to someone who is leaving or ending a telephone call; farewell. [2 definitions]
little by little in small amounts; gradually.
side by side next to each other.
squeak by barely succeed; almost fail.
stick by to remain loyal to.
take the bull by the horns to handle a difficult problem in a direct manner, even if one is afraid.