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drug abuse the use of illegal drugs, especially in a habitual or harmful way, or the use of any drug in doses or for purposes outside their intended medical use.
drug addict one who is physically dependent on regular doses of one or more narcotics.
drug resistance the reduction in effectiveness of a drug in curing an infectious disease or cancer. Drug resistance typically develops when pathogenic cells or cancerous cells evolve the ability to tolerate a drug used to kill them.
drug test a test of the body to discover if a person is using drugs that are illegal.
drug-resistant of or relating to a pathogen or cancer that has evolved the ability to tolerate a drug.
drug-trafficking dealing in the production, distribution, or sale of illegal drugs, esp. the transporting of drugs into countries where they are prohibited.
drugstore a store that sells medicine. Drugstores often also sell candy, cosmetics, magazines, and other things.
Food and Drug Administration a federal government agency that regulates the food, drug, medical device, and cosmetics industries to ensure public safety. (abbr.:FDA)
hard drug any drug, such as heroin, that is addictive and causes long-term harmful effects.