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clipped form a shortened form of a word, such as "ad" for "advertisement".
combining form a word form that appears only in combination with other word parts, such as "biblio-".
form class a class of words or word elements that share certain grammatical features and therefore function similarly in a language, such as the class of words called adjectives.
form letter a business letter, solicitation, or the like, composed so that it may be sent to any number of people with only minor changes such as the salutation and date.
free-form having an irregular, often curvilinear contour or shape, esp. in graphic design or abstract art. [2 definitions]
life form a living, or once living, organism.
racing form a printed sheet or booklet containing information about the horses running at one or several racetracks.
re-form to gather or form again.
sonata form a three-part musical form containing an exposition, the development, and a recapitulation, often concluded by a coda.
wave-form a mathematical representation of the form of a wave, usu. plotted as a graph.