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bee moth a moth that lays its eggs in beehives, the wax of which provides food for the moth larvae.
cecropia moth (sometimes cap.) a very large North American moth that has wide brown wings with crescent-shaped red and black markings.
clothes moth any of several small moths that lay eggs in wool, fur, or the like, upon which the larvae feed.
codling moth a small moth, found nearly worldwide, whose larvae feed on apples, pears, and the like.
death's head moth a large European hawk moth that has markings on its back resembling a human skull.
gypsy moth a moth having as its larva a hairy caterpillar that is extremely destructive to foliage.
hawk moth any of various moths with a thick body, long, slender wings, and a long feeding tube used for sipping nectar from flowers while in flight; sphinx moth.
io moth a large North American moth with prominent eyespots on each hind wing.
luna moth a large pale-green North American moth with a crescent-shaped spot on each wing and long tail-like projections on the hind wings.
moth-eaten eaten full of holes by or as if by moth larvae. [3 definitions]
polyphemus moth (sometimes cap.) a large yellowish brown North American moth that has an eyelike spot on each hind wing.
tiger moth any of numerous moths that are often brightly colored and have conspicuous stripes or spots on their wings, and whose larvae have woolly coats.
tussock moth any of several moths, such as the gypsy moth, whose larvae are hairy caterpillars that are often destructive to trees.