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average out to amount to an arithmetic average (usually followed by "to"). [2 definitions]
back out of to fail to do something that was agreed upon.
bail out (informal) to jump from an airplane with a parachute.
bawl out (informal) to scold loudly.
beat the tar out of (informal) to beat or whip severely. [2 definitions]
black out to faint or pass out.
bow out to stop taking part in an activity; leave or resign.
branch out to try new activities, interests, or pursuits.
burn out to stop functioning because of a technical mistake or lack of fuel. [2 definitions]
carry out to do; to work on until finished. [3 definitions]
chew out to scold (informal).
chicken out (informal) to not do something that one had planned to do, because of getting too scared.
come out in the wash to turn out in a satisfactory way.
crank out to make in great numbers in a mechanical way.
cross out to remove something by drawing a line through it.
dine out to eat dinner away from one's home.
dish it out to deliver criticism or cruel treatment with force.
dish out to give out; supply.
draw out to make last longer.
drop out to quit; stop participating.