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a piece of cake (informal) something extremely easy to do or accomplish.
a piece of the action (informal) a share of profits, or of some activity.
conversation piece an unusual object that attracts attention and stimulates conversation. [2 definitions]
of a piece of the same kind; practically alike; consistent.
pièce de résistance (French) the main course or dish of a meal. [2 definitions]
piece goods goods, esp. fabrics, made in a standard width and sold by linear measure; yard goods.
piece of eight a former silver coin and monetary unit of Spain and Spanish America worth eight reals.
set piece a literary, musical, or other artistic work, or part of such a work, that aims to achieve certain effects, esp. technically impressive ones. [2 definitions]
three-piece made of or having three parts. [2 definitions]
two-piece having two parts or pieces, as a clothing ensemble. [2 definitions]