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chamber pot a small, portable, pot-shaped receptacle for urine and other waste, usu. kept in a bedroom, esp. one that is some distance from a toilet.
chimney pot a pipe, usu. of clay, fitted to the top of a chimney to improve the draft.
Crock-Pot trademark for an electric slow cooker that maintains a steady low temperature.
go to pot to go to ruin; become ruined.
honey pot any of certain worker ants whose bodies store a honeylike food that will be used by the entire colony. [3 definitions]
lobster pot a basketlike trap, usu. made of wooden slats, used to catch lobsters.
melting pot a pot in which substances, esp. metals, are melted; crucible. [2 definitions]
pepper pot a West Indian stew made of meat or fish and vegetables, and flavored with cassava juice, red pepper, and other seasonings. [2 definitions]
pot cheese a cheese resembling cottage cheese, with coarse dry curds.
pot liquor the broth in which meat or vegetables have been cooked, often used as a gravy or sauce.
pot marigold a calendula cultivated for its showy yellow or orange flowers, which are used for decoration or seasoning.
pot roast a whole cut of meat, usu. chuck or round steak, that is braised or stewed, usu. in a covered pot and with vegetables.
pot-au-feu pot on the fire (French); a dish of boiled meat and vegetables, the broth being strained and often served separately.
watering pot see watering can.