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Bessemer process a process for making steel by blasting hot compressed air through molten pig iron to remove impurities.
due process an established set of legal procedures and methods designed to protect citizens against arbitrary action by the government. U.S. law dictates that all judicial action must follow these consistent procedures and safeguards in order to protect the rights of individuals.
due process of law the course of legal proceedings established by a government to protect an individual's rights.
electoral process a set of steps and procedures agreed upon as the method for conducting an election, such as the processes for selecting candidates, registering voters, casting votes, and counting votes.
mastoid process the posterior part of the temporal bone that is located behind the inner ear, having attachment points for muscle and openings for the passage of blood vessels.
process server a person who serves legal papers, such as warrants or subpoenas, usu. to people required to appear in court.
Solvay process a process for making sodium carbonate by using salt, ammonia, and carbon dioxide.
vermiform process the median lobe of the cerebellum. [2 definitions]