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acid rock a form of music popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s that has loud, often distorted sounds and harmonies, and lyrics that suggest psychedelic experiences.
cap rock the solid rock layer that is immediately over a deposit of oil, gas, salt, or the like.
folk-rock popular music that combines characteristic elements of folk music and rock-'n'-roll, often using lyrics similar to the former, with rhythm from the latter, as in songs of social protest.
hard rock a style of rock music characterized by heavy amplification and harsh or distorted electric guitar.
Little Rock the capital of Arkansas.
phosphate rock sedimentary rocks that contain large amounts of calcium phosphate, used in making fertilizer, phosphorous chemicals, and the like.
punk rock a loud and insistent style of rock music, characterized by deliberately offensive and aggressive lyrics, which originated in the late 1970s; punk.
rock and rye a bottled combination of rye whiskey, rock candy, and fruit.
rock bass an edible, freshwater game fish of eastern North America, related to the sunfish.
rock bottom the very lowest point or level.
rock brake any of various related ferns that grow in rocky soil.
rock candy large, clear, hard nuggets of crystallized sugar.
rock climbing the activity or sport of climbing sheer rock faces using special techniques, tools, and safety equipment such as ropes and harnesses.
Rock Cornish a hybrid chicken produced by mating White Rock and Cornish stock.
rock crystal clear, esp. colorless, quartz.
rock dove a European wild pigeon from which most common and domesticated pigeons are derived.
rock garden a garden established among rocks or provided with rocks that usu. contains alpine or other plants that grow well in rocky places.
rock salt common salt in solid form, occurring in large irregular rocklike masses; natural sodium chloride.
rock squirrel a gray, black-headed ground squirrel found in the rocky regions of the western United States and Mexico.
rock star a performer of rock-'n'-roll music who has gained great popularity and fame; rock-'n'-roll star.