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Adriatic Sea the part of the Mediterranean Sea that lies between Italy on the west and the Balkan Peninsula on the east. Some of the countries on the Balkan Peninsula that lie on the Adriatic Sea are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.
Aegean Sea the part of the Mediterranean Sea that lies between the countries of Greece and Turkey.
Arabian Sea an arm of the Indian Ocean that lies between India and the Arabian Peninsula.
at sea on the ocean waters. [2 definitions]
Baltic Sea a sea in norther Europe that lies between Sweden and Finland. It also borders other countries such as Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
Bering Sea a northern arm of the Pacific Ocean that lies between Russia and Alaska.
Black Sea a sea that lies between Europe and Asia. It is surrounded by Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania.
Caribbean Sea an extension of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by the West Indies and Central and South America.
Caspian Sea a large inland sea in Asia surrounded by the countries of Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan.
China Sea see "East China Sea," "South China Sea."
Coral Sea a part of the southern Pacific Ocean located off the northwestern coast of Australia. The Coral Sea is the location of the largest collection of coral reefs in the world.
Dead Sea a large salt lake between the countries of Israel and Jordan. The Dead Sea lies at about 1300 feet below sea level, which makes it the lowest known place on the surface of the earth.
Mediterranean Sea a large sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by Europe on the north, Asia on the east, and Africa on the south.
North Sea a sea that is part of the Atlantic Ocean. It lies between Great Britain, Scandinavia, and the north coast of the European mainland.
Red Sea a part of the Indian Ocean. It lies between the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa. The Suez Canal connects it to the Mediterranean Sea.
sea anemone a small sea animal with many tentacles. It looks like a flower. Sea anemones are related to jellyfish, but unlike jellyfish they spend their entire lives attached to underwater objects.
sea gull a gull that lives on or near the sea.
sea horse a small fish that swims with its head facing forward, but with its body and tail hanging down. Sea horses live in warm parts of the ocean. They use their curly tails to hang onto water plants.
sea level the surface level of the sea, halfway between high and low tide. It is used as the starting point for measuring elevations and depths.
sea lion a mammal that spends most of its life in the ocean. Sea lions are a kind of pinniped, or mammal with flippers instead of feet. Various kinds of sea lions live on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean. Sea lions are carnivores that eat fish and squid. They are closely related to seals and walruses.