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come to (something or someone) to reach a particular state or result. [3 definitions]
cut out for having a suitable character, personality, or natural aptitude for something.
get (something) one's way to manage to have (something) the way that one wants or prefers, regardless of the desires or objections of others.
have (something) one's way to have (something) the way one wants, as opposed to the way that others might want it.
have (something) down pat (informal) to have learned something thoroughly.
have something on the brain to be preoccupied with.
lay (something) to rest to end or resolve a matter. [2 definitions]
put (something) past to consider (some behavior) to be beyond what some person or group would do; to not be surprised if a particular person or group did a certain thing (used in the negative only and typically with "would not").
something the matter a problem or malfunction; something that needs to be fixed or is a cause for concern.
take (something) up with to refer or introduce (a particular matter or question) to another person, especially one in authority.
take pains (to do something) to make a special effort in order to produce a desired result.
up to something involved in something suspicious or secretive.