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chief of staff (usu. cap.) the head staff officer in the U.S. Department of the Army or Air Force, or the head staff officer of any of various major units in the U.S. or other military forces. [2 definitions]
general staff a group of officers who assist a high commander in planning and supervising military operations.
half-staff a point midway up a mast or staff; half-mast.
Joint Chiefs of Staff the principal military advisory body to the President of the United States, consisting of the chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.
staff of life bread, considered the most basic, necessary food.
staff officer a commissioned military officer who serves on a staff. [2 definitions]
staff sergeant in the U.S. military, a noncommissioned officer ranking above sergeant and, in the Army, below sergeant first class, in the Air Force, below technical sergeant, and in the Marine Corps, below gunnery sergeant.