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buffer state a neutral country located between two potentially hostile countries and regarded as helping to discourage war.
city-state a self-governing state made up of a city and its surrounding territory.
lie in state of a corpse, to be exhibited in public prior to burial so that others may pay their respects.
nation-state the modern autonomous nation, considered as a unit of political organization.
police state a country in which the government exercises rigid and usu. repressive control by means of a strong police force, esp. a secret police force.
secretary of state (cap.) the person who heads the U.S. Department of State. [4 definitions]
solid-state being or using a technology that employs semiconductors and transistors to control the performance of electrical devices. [2 definitions]
state of the art the ultimate level of advancement or development available in an object, process, or the like at a given time.
state socialism the theory, doctrine, or practice of a planned economy controlled by the state and based on state ownership of major shipping lines, public utilities, and basic industries.
state sovereignty the right or power of a nation-state to govern itself, with independence from outside control. [2 definitions]
steady state theory the cosmologic theory, no longer in favor, that new matter is continuously created, causing the universe to expand without requiring cycles of explosion and contraction. (Cf. big bang theory.)
tri-state of or designating an area consisting of all or part of three neighboring U.S. states.
welfare state a social system in which the state assumes the responsibility for the welfare of its citizens in housing, medical care, employment, and the like.