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commutation ticket a ticket for a specified number of trips to and from the same destinations that is issued, at a reduced rate, to commuters, esp. for railroad or toll road travel.
meal ticket a ticket entitling the bearer to one or more meals at a specified cafeteria or restaurant, esp. at a lower price.
pawn ticket a receipt given for goods taken to a pawnshop.
return ticket (chiefly British) a ticket that allows a person to travel to a given destination and back to the starting point; round trip ticket.
season ticket a ticket or set of tickets, paid for in advance, that can be used at any time during a specific period, as for highway tolls, museum visits, concerts, or athletic events.
single ticket (chiefly British) a ticket that allows a person to travel only outward to a given destination; one-way ticket.
split ticket a ballot with votes that are cast for candidates of more than one party. [2 definitions]
straight ticket in U.S. politics, a ballot on which a voter has voted for candidates of only one party. (Cf. split ticket.)