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run wild to grow unrestrained or unchecked. [2 definitions]
sow one's wild oats to indulge in unrestrained behavior such as excessive drinking, gambling, or sex, esp. at a time assumed to be one's last opportunity to do so.
wild boar a wild pig of Europe, Africa, and Asia.
wild card a card in a card game that may stand for any other card. [3 definitions]
wild carrot a white-flowered weed with a deep, thin, woody root; Queen Anne's lace.
wild mustard charlock or a similar weedy mustard.
wild oat any of several wild grasses, esp. the wild progenitor of the cultivated oat.
wild pansy an uncultivated pansy bearing flowers with petals in combinations of white, yellow, and purple; heartsease.
wild pitch in baseball, an erratic pitch that the catcher cannot be expected to catch and that allows a base runner to advance to the next base. (Cf. passed ball.)
wild rice a tall aquatic grass of the northern United States and Canada that bears edible grain that is considered a delicacy.
wild rose a native species of rose, such as eglantine.
Wild West the western United States, unregulated by law during its settlement in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
wild-eyed having a terrified, very agitated, angry, or deranged look in the eyes. [2 definitions]
wild-goose chase the futile pursuit of something unattainable or nonexistent.
wildflower a wild, flowering plant that grows in meadows, woods, or other natural areas.
willow-wild (poetic) frail and thin, as coined by the poet and author Langston Hughes.