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parts of speech:
verb, auxiliary verb
do away with
Homophone Note
part of speech: verb
inflections: does, doing, did, done
definition 1: to engage in (some activity); busy oneself with.
What are the kids doing down in the basement?Let's do something fun this weekend.
definition 2: to carry out; perform.
The clown did jumping jacks.I have already done my homework.
accomplish, carry out, complete, execute, fulfill, perform
similar words:
carry off, commit, finish, succeed, take
definition 3: to cause or bring about.
He did no harm.
cause, effect
similar words:
create, produce, work
definition 4: to work at.
Yesterday we did the rugs and today we'll do the windows.It's your turn to do the dishes.
similar words:
complete, perform, practice, prepare, take care of
definition 5: to form or shape.
Who did this beautiful sculpture?
fashion, make, produce
similar words:
compose, create, originate
definition 6: to behave or act.
Mae does exactly as she pleases.
similar words:
act, perform
definition 7: to get along.
He is doing well at school.
fare, get along
similar words:
definition 8: to attempt or carry out in order to solve a problem or achieve a particular goal.
The doctors are doing everything they can for this patient.What do you want me to do with these boxes?
similar words:
attempt, carry out, try, undertake, venture
definition 9: to be good enough or large enough.
Will this shirt do, or should I put on something nicer?I really wanted a large size soda, but I guess this will do.
similar words:
phrase: do away with
part of speech: auxiliary verb
definition 1: used to stress the main verb.
I did knock first.
definition 2: used to introduce a question or make a negative statement with "not."
Do you want to go to the movies?They do not live there anymore.
definition 3: used to avoid repeating a main verb.
I know him, and I'm sure you do too.
Homophone Note
The words do1, dew, and due sound alike in American English but have different meanings.