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p zI shn
parts of speech:
noun, verb
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the location of a person or thing.
The control tower asked the pilot to give the position of his airplane.
location, place
similar words:
locality, site, spot, station
definition 2: the proper location of a person or thing.
The librarian was upset because the books on the shelf were out of position.
place, post, space, station
similar words:
niche, seat, site, slot, spot, stand
definition 3: the way something is placed or arranged.
We learned the right positions for the dance.
arrangement, order, placement
similar words:
array, disposition, distribution, installation
definition 4: a person's rank or status within a group.
The prime minister has a position of authority in Canada.
rank, standing, status
similar words:
capacity, grade, level, place, spot, stage
definition 5: point of view; opinion.
Sarah's parents took the same position on her going to the party.
opinion, point of view, stand, viewpoint, views
similar words:
angle, attitude, conviction, outlook, perception, perspective
definition 6: an appointed job.
My cousin has a new position as chief of police.
appointment, job, post, work
similar words:
assignment, business, capacity, commission, duty, employment, occupation, office, place, pursuit, rank, task
part of speech: verb
inflections: positions, positioning, positioned
definition: to put in a particular place or arrange in a particular way.
I positioned the lamp to give me good light for reading.
arrange, dispose, locate, place, set
similar words:
aim, array, install, order, organize, put, rank, seat, space
derivation: positional (adj.)