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parts of speech:
verb, noun
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part of speech: verb
inflections: serves, serving, served
definition 1: to give aid or help; be of use.
He served as a volunteer at the hospital.
similar words:
attend, minister, tend
definition 2: to work as a servant.
She served as a nanny for the busy family.
similar words:
attend, work
definition 3: to complete a period of service.
He served in the Army for ten years.
definition 4: to have a particular use.
This table serves as a desk.
similar words:
act, behave, suit, work
definition 5: to hit the ball to begin a point in tennis and other games.
Cynthia serves first in this match.
definition 6: to give aid or help to.
The man who served us at the jewelry store knew a lot about the jewelry and was very helpful.
aid, assist, help
similar words:
accommodate, attend, benefit, oblige, tend
definition 7: to be of use to, esp. to one's community or country.
Some kids are serving the community by cleaning up litter in the park.
definition 8: to offer or provide food and drink to.
Our waiter served us very courteously.
wait on
similar words:
accommodate, assist, help
definition 9: to offer or provide (food and drink).
She served the vegetables first and then the ham.The waiter forgot to serve the drinks.The restaurant serves dinner from five o'clock until eleven o'clock.
similar words:
bring, cater, provide
definition 10: to provide with something; supply.
The pie will serve six people.
furnish, provide, supply
similar words:
deliver, give, grant, present, render
part of speech: noun
definition: an instance of serving in tennis and other games, or the ability to serve in a particular way.
Claude has a powerful serve.
Word Builder: serve +
  • server1:
    a person whose job is to serve customers at a restaurant.
  • server2:
    a computer that serves files to other computers.
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