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noun, verb, adjective
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: any of a vast number of heavenly bodies that give out great heat and light and can be visible from earth as points of light in the night sky.
It was a clear night and we could see many stars.
definition 2: a design with five or six points that emerge from a center.
The American flag has stars and stripes.
definition 3: a performer or athlete who is considered to be outstanding.
She is a movie star.
similar words:
ace, great
definition 4: one who has a leading role in a play or movie.
My favorite actor was the star of the show.
part of speech: verb
inflections: stars, starring, starred
definition 1: to present in a main role in a film or play.
That TV show stars a new actor.
definition 2: to mark with a star or stars.
The teacher starred the correct answers on my test.
definition 3: to perform the lead or be the star in a play or film.
Tonight I will star in the opening of our school play.
part of speech: adjective
definition: standing out from all the rest due to superiority.
He was a star athlete in high school and went on to play professional baseball.
exceptional, outstanding
derivation: starless (adj.)
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