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parts of speech:
verb, noun
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part of speech: verb
inflections: tastes, tasting, tasted
definition 1: to experience and recognize the flavor of by putting into the mouth.
She tasted the soup to see if it was ready.
similar words:
bite, chew, eat, sense
definition 2: to eat a little bit of.
I would like to taste the chocolate cake.
nibble, sip
similar words:
sample, try
definition 3: to have a particular flavor.
The sauce tastes bitter.
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act of tasting food or drink.
I went to a fancy restaurant for a taste of fine food.With one quick taste of the pineapple pizza, I knew I couldn't eat it.
similar words:
assignment, bite, sip
definition 2: the sense by which one can notice flavors.
Taste is dulled when you have a cold.
definition 3: a small amount of food or liquid for tasting.
She gave me a taste of the soup.
bite, morsel, mouthful, nibble, nip, sip, spoonful
similar words:
bit, crumb, dab, dribble, drip, drop, piece, sample, slice
definition 4: a type of flavor, or the particular flavor of something.
Sweetness is a taste that most children enjoy.These candies have an orange taste to them.I don't like the taste of that spice.
definition 5: a first or brief experience.
They'd been in business for ten years before they had a taste of success.Spending a night in that fancy hotel was her first taste of luxury.
similar words:
crumb, dribble, introduction, nibble, sample
definition 6: one's personal preferences, especially with respect to things like music, clothing, furnishings, and art.
My mom and dad have very different taste in music.My grandparents' apartment is nice but it's not my taste since the furniture is so old-fashioned.
definition 7: a special liking for something.
He has a taste for adventure.
appetite, hunger, relish, thirst, zest
similar words:
inclination, liking, weakness, yen
definition 8: the ability to know what is beautiful and good.
She has taste when it comes to music.
similar words:
discrimination, fineness, polish, style
definition 9: sense of what is appropriate or correct.
His joke showed very bad taste when it was such a sad occasion.
grace, manners
similar words:
breeding, dignity, tact
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