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parts of speech:
noun, verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the use of energy or effort to achieve a result by doing or making something; labor.
It takes a lot of hard work to build a house.
labor, toil
leisure, play
similar words:
action, drudgery, effort, industry, service, struggle, trouble
definition 2: a task or project that uses such effort.
He finished his work at the office.
job, project, task
similar words:
activity, assignment, charge, chore, commission, duty, endeavor, exercise, function, mission, office
definition 3: something made or done as the result of such effort.
His painting was a work of art.
creation, deed, product
similar words:
accomplishment, achievement, act, artifact, composition, effort, exploit, feat, fruit, masterpiece, piece
definition 4: a job.
She enjoys her work with children.
employment, job, occupation, position
similar words:
business, career, field, labor, line, livelihood, profession, pursuit, trade, vocation
definition 5: the location or operation of a particular business or industry. (plural)
Steel is manufactured at the steel works.
factory, plant
similar words:
business, enterprise, foundry, mill, shop, yard
part of speech: verb
inflections: works, working, worked, wrought
definition 1: to have a job.
He works at the bank.
definition 2: to run or act properly.
The car doesn't work.
function, operate, run
similar words:
go, handle, perform
definition 3: to use; handle.
I don't know how to work the oven.
handle, operate, use
similar words:
activate, busy, control, employ, manage, run
definition 4: to cause to be or happen; bring about.
Her careful teaching worked wonders to improve the student's grades.
cause, effect
similar words:
accomplish, arrange, contrive, do, execute, make, manage, perform, produce, wreak
definition 5: to cause to produce, act, or do work.
She works her horses hard.
similar words:
drill, drive, exercise, exploit, manage, press, push, sweat, train
derivations: workable (adj.), worker (n.)
Word Builder: work +
  • workday:
    the amount of time out of 24 hours you spend working.
  • worker:
    a person who works.
  • worksheet:
    a sheet of paper on which you do written work.
  • workstation:
    the area in a workplace where you do your work.
  • work-study:
    a program that helps you find a part-time job to pay for your college education.
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