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parts of speech:
verb, noun
keep under wraps, wrap up, wrapped up in
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part of speech: verb
inflections: wraps, wrapping, wrapped
definition 1: to cover by circling or folding something around.
She wrapped a bandage around her leg.
cover, envelop
similar words:
bandage, bind, clothe, encircle, fold, muffle, roll, surround, wind
definition 2: to cover with paper or some other material.
He wrapped the presents in colorful paper.
fold, package
similar words:
bind, cover, envelop, paper
definition 3: to hide or cover as if by wrapping.
The house was wrapped in darkness.
cloak, cover, envelop
similar words:
conceal, enclose, muffle, surround, veil
definition 4: to wind, circle, or turn.
The snake wrapped around the branch.
similar words:
bend, circle, curve, twine, twist
phrase: wrap up, wrapped up in
part of speech: noun
definition 1: that which wraps or is used to wrap.
I chose red and green gift wrap for my Christmas presents.
wrapper, wrappings
similar words:
bandage, cloak, clothing, coat, cover, covering, envelope, jacket, mantle, paper, robe, shawl
definition 2: (plural) clothing, blankets, or some other covering worn outdoors.
The women wore fur wraps against the icy weather.
similar words:
blankets, clothes, clothing, garments
definition 3: a food that is like a rolled sandwich. A wrap consists of a filling such as meat or vegetables rolled up in a thin, smooth layer of soft bread.
The deli department had a lot of different wraps, but I chose one with just the basic ham, cheese, and lettuce.
phrase: keep under wraps
Homophone Note
The words wrap and rap sound alike but have different meanings.
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  • wrapper:
    a piece of thin material used for wrapping.
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