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sen tr
parts of speech:
noun, verb
Word Parts
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the point that is the same distance from all points on the outside line or surface of something; exact middle.
We will call the center of the circle point A.
similar words:
axis, median, middle
definition 2: the area or part of something that forms the middle.
There is a nut in the center of this candy.The post office is in the center of the town.
core, heart, kernel, middle
similar words:
belly, nucleus
definition 3: a place, person, or thing that is the main object of attention or interest.
There were many good paintings, but the unusual sculpture was the center of attention at the exhibit.
focus, hub
similar words:
nucleus, star
definition 4: a place of activity that attracts people from different places.
We play basketball at the community center on Saturdays.Mali was a center of commerce and learning in the Middle Ages.
base, focus, headquarters, hub, nucleus
similar words:
core, home, seat
definition 5: a player who is in a middle position on a playing field or court.
part of speech: verb
inflections: centers, centering, centered
definition 1: to place at a center.
Please center the title on the page.
similar words:
focus, pinpoint
definition 2: to focus or concentrate.
We centered our thoughts on finding ways to help the people in need.
concentrate, focus
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