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parts of speech:
verb, noun
in charge
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part of speech: verb
inflections: charges, charging, charged
definition 1: to give a responsibility or duty to.
I charged him with the care of my pets while I was away.
assign, entrust
similar words:
allot, authorize, burden, command, commission, delegate, saddle with
definition 2: to blame for a crime; accuse (often followed by "with").
She was charged with theft.
accuse, blame, indict
similar words:
book, incriminate
definition 3: to supply with power or energy.
He charged the battery.
similar words:
definition 4: to demand or ask as a price.
The cafe charges a dollar for a cup of coffee.
similar words:
ask, assess, bill, demand, exact, impose, levy, price, require
definition 5: to put off payment for until a later date; pay for with a credit card.
He charged his purchases instead of paying cash.
similar words:
definition 6: to rush ahead.
The elephant charged at the jeep.
similar words:
definition 7: to demand payment.
The pizza shop charges for delivery.
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a price asked for; fee.
The charge for our meal was more than we expected.
cost, fee, price
similar words:
amount, bill, check, commission, dues, expense, fare, payment, rate, rent, sum, tab, tariff, tax, toll
definition 2: care or protection.
She put her son in our charge when she became too sick to take care of him.
care, protection
similar words:
custody, guardianship, guidance, keeping, oversight, trust
definition 3: a claim that a person has done something wrong; accusation.
He was arrested on a robbery charge.
similar words:
complaint, summons
definition 4: the amount of electricity in an object. Charge causes electrical energy to flow in a current. The movement of electrical energy from one point to another is caused by a difference between the charges at the two points. An electrical charge can be positive or negative.
similar words:
definition 5: a military attack.
The soldiers stood strong against the charge of the opposing army.
assault, attack
similar words:
aggression, invasion, raid, thrust
phrase: in charge
derivations: chargeable (adj.), chargeably (adv.), chargeability (n.)
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