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parts of speech:
noun, verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the part of whole milk that contains fat. Butter is made from cream.
My father asked the waiter to put cream and sugar in his coffee.
definition 2: a thick liquid or lotion used on the skin.
My sister puts cream on her face at night.
similar words:
lotion, ointment
definition 3: a yellowish white color.
definition 4: a food that is like cream or is made with cream.
The chocolate creams were the best.
definition 5: the best part of something.
He studied hard and became one of the cream of his class.
similar words:
best, better
part of speech: verb
inflections: creams, creaming, creamed
definition: to beat something until it is as smooth as cream.
Cream the butter and sugar, and then add the eggs.
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  color, milk