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daI l
parts of speech:
noun, verb
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a disk that has numbers and a moving pointer that shows time, weight, speed, or some other measure.
This dial is the car's speedometer, which shows how fast the car is going.
definition 2: the face of a clock or watch.
The dial on my new watch lights up in the dark.
definition 3: a disk or knob on a television or radio for tuning to different channels.
definition 4: the disk with numbered finger holes on some telephones. A telephone dial allows the caller to select the numbers being called by turning the disk.
part of speech: verb
inflections: dials, dialing, dialed
definition 1: to choose or tune to by using a radio or television dial.
She dialed her favorite radio station.
definition 2: to select numbers or other symbols on a telephone by using a dial or by pressing buttons.
I dialed the wrong number!
derivation: dialer (n.)