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d rekt
parts of speech:
verb, adjective, adverb
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part of speech: verb
inflections: directs, directing, directed
definition 1: to give instructions that lead or guide.
Can you direct me to the main office?
similar words:
conduct, guide, lead, orient, point, show, steer, usher
definition 2: to manage or control.
The chief of police directs the police force.
head, lead, run
similar words:
administer, conduct, control, guide, handle, manage, moderate, supervise
definition 3: to control by giving orders; command.
We directed the movers to put the sofa by the window.
control, instruct
similar words:
bid, command, conduct, dictate, lead, order, tell
definition 4: to aim what one says or writes towards a particular person or group.
I directed my letter of complaint to the head of the company.One reporter directed his question to the First Lady, not to the President.
similar words:
aim, cast, fix, level, send
definition 5: to send or aim towards a place.
He directed the beam of light at the back of the closet.
point, send
similar words:
aim, beam, cast, concentrate, fix, level, shine, steer, train
definition 6: to lead and instruct in the making of (a film, play, or the like).
He directed several films that were very successful.
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: going in a straight line or on a straight course.
I'll show you the most direct route to my house.
indirect, roundabout
similar words:
express, shortest, straight
definition 2: truthful and open.
He was direct but kind when he pointed out my mistakes.
frank, straight
devious, indirect, reserved
similar words:
aboveboard, blunt, explicit, honest, open, truthful
part of speech: adverb
definition: in a straight line without stopping.
We will fly direct to Tokyo.
right, straight
derivation: directness (n.)
Word Builder: direct +
  • director:
    a person who directs or who gives directions.
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