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parts of speech:
verb, intransitive verb, noun
down the drain
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part of speech: verb
inflections: drains, draining, drained
definition 1: to remove water or other liquid from (a container or area) to make it empty or dry.
Should I drain the bathtub?They drained the swamp to create a park.
similar words:
bleed, draw, pump, siphon, tap
definition 2: to remove (water or other liquid) by causing it to flow out or away.
She drained the antifreeze from her car radiator.They drained all the water from the pool.
similar words:
discharge, empty, remove, tap, withdraw
definition 3: to carry away the water from (an area of land).
The Amazon River drains the largest rainforest in the world.
definition 4: to make empty by drinking the contents of.
He drained his glass in one swallow.
finish off
similar words:
consume, down, empty, polish off
definition 5: to cause to be used up.
The exercise drained his strength.
exhaust, spend, use up, waste
similar words:
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to flow away gradually.
The child watched the water drain out of the bathtub.The rainwater drains off the land in the spring and fills up the river.
ooze, trickle
similar words:
dribble, drip, flow, leak
definition 2: to become empty of the liquid that something contains.
The bathtub drained easily after the clog was removed.
empty out
similar words:
bleed, discharge
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a device, such as a pipe, through which a liquid is drained.
The drain in the sink is clogged.
pipe, siphon, tube
similar words:
outlet, pump, tap
definition 2: something that slowly uses up energy, money, or some other resource.
Doctors' bills are a drain on our savings.
similar words:
expenditure, expense
phrase: down the drain
derivations: drainable (adj.), drainer (n.)
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