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parts of speech:
noun, verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: measure; quantity.
This amount of snow isn't enough for skiing.
measure, number, portion, quantity, sum
similar words:
deal, lot, size, volume
definition 2: the sum of two or more quantities; total.
This is the amount of money you owe them.
count, number, sum, whole
similar words:
extent, figure, lot, portion
part of speech: verb
inflections: amounts, amounting, amounted
definition: to be equal to; to be the same as.
The bill amounts to more than I can pay.Her stealing amounts to a request for help.
consist, develop, result
similar words:
mean, progress
Language Note
Amount or number? Which word is right for your sentence? Use amount when you are telling how much there is of something that cannot be counted in numbers.

A large amount of lava shot out of the volcano.

Use number when you are telling how many there are of something that can be counted.

A great number of rocks tumbled down the mountain.

Remember , the word quantity may be used both with things that can be counted and with things that cannot be counted.

Antarctica is covered by a great quantity of ice. A large quantity of penguins live in that frigid land.
Word History
Amount comes from amonter, an early French word that means "to go up" or "rise." The French word is from a Latin phrase that means "to the mountain."
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