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parts of speech:
preposition, conjunction
Note, Homophone Note
part of speech: preposition
definition 1: used to show the purpose or aim of an action.
They are working for peace.He was heading for the door.
definition 2: used to show who is to receive something or how it is to be used.
The gift is for Julie.I put some money aside for a bike.
definition 3: as the result of.
Jesse won a prize for his drawing.
definition 4: used to show a length of time.
We walked for an hour.
definition 5: with respect to.
It is too cold for June.
definition 6: in order to do or get.
We are going for lunch.
definition 7: in place of.
Who will speak for me when I'm not there?
similar words:
in favor of
definition 8: in favor of.
They voted for the new law.
similar words:
in favor of
definition 9: in exchange for.
He paid three dollars for that pen.
definition 10: by reason of; because of.
They clapped for joy.
definition 11: used as a sign of; indicating.
A dove is the symbol for peace.
part of speech: conjunction
definition: since; because.
He won't go, for he's not feeling well.
for or since?
For tells how long an action or state has continued over time. Since tells when an action or state began.
  • I have lived here for five years.
  • I have lived here since 1999.
Homophone Note
The words for, four, and the prefix fore- sound alike but have different meanings. "Fore-" is a prefix meaning "in front." You do not have a forhead; you have a forehead.