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mI shn
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a group of people sent to a foreign land to set up relations and to start trade or religious work.
The mission led by Christopher Columbus landed on an island in the Caribbean Sea in 1492.
ambassadors, delegation, diplomats, embassy, missionaries
definition 2: the buildings and land used by such a group or by later peoples.
The monks live in a mission outside the city.
similar words:
church, embassy
definition 3: a particular task or duty done out of strong belief.
His mission was to help the poor.
similar words:
offering, sacrifice, vocation
definition 4: an important task that one is sent out to do, or a goal that a person strongly feels that he or she must go out and achieve.
The spy was on a secret mission for the president.Bob was sent on a mission to the grocery store by his mother.
similar words:
duty, errand, job, task
definition 5: a place, usually in a city, where poor people can go to get help. A mission often provides things like food, clothing, or a place to sleep and is typically operated by a church or other similar organization.
home, shelter
similar words:
protection, refuge
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