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myu zih kl
parts of speech:
adjective, noun
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part of speech: adjective
definition 1: like music rather than noise; having qualities similar to melody or harmony.
The robin's song was very musical.
similar words:
melodious, resonant, rhythmic
definition 2: of, relating to, or producing music.
A piano is a musical instrument.She received her musical education from a very talented teacher.The toddler loves his musical toys more than the others.
definition 3: good at or fond of music.
Bob was a musical child who started playing the flute when he was only three.
similar words:
creative, gifted
definition 4: having or using music; with music.
Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote musical plays, including "Cats," and "Phantom of the Opera."
similar words:
lyric, vocal
part of speech: noun
definition: a play or movie in which characters at times perform songs instead of speaking their parts.
He is trying out for a part in a musical.
derivations: musically (adv.), musicality (n.)
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