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nuhr chr
parts of speech:
transitive verb, noun
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: nurtures, nurturing, nurtured
definition 1: to care for and encourage the growth and development of (a living thing).
She carefully nurtured her tiny plants.It was really our grandparents who nurtured us; our parents were unable to do that.
cultivate, foster, nourish
hinder, neglect
similar words:
breed, cherish, feed, grow, maintain, mother, nurse, provide for, raise, sustain, take care of, tend
definition 2: to encourage the development of, or to provide the conditions under which (something) can grow or increase.
My coach believed in me and nurtured my talent.The dictator nurtured the racial hatred that already existed among the population.
definition 3: to support learning in, esp. in a gentle and caring way.
A good school will nurture its pupils in various ways.
similar words:
educate, guide, instruct, mold, prepare, school, teach, tutor
definition 4: to provide help and support for.
I was lucky to have a dissertation adviser who both guided and nurtured me through graduate school and beyond.
similar words:
assist, help, support
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act or process of encouraging and promoting growth, development, or education.
cultivation, development
similar words:
care, education, encouragement, growth, guidance, nutrition, sustenance, tutelage
definition 2: sustaining food; nourishment.
aliment, food, nourishment, nutrition, sustenance
similar words:
nutriment, subsistence
derivations: nurturable (adj.), nurtureless (adj.), nurturer (n.)