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parts of speech:
verb, noun
pitch in
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part of speech: verb
inflections: pitches, pitching, pitched
definition 1: to throw or toss.
The kids pitched snowballs at each other until their clothes were all wet.Could you pitch the ball to me?
cast, hurl, throw
similar words:
chuck, fling, heave, sling, toss
definition 2: to throw (a ball) toward the batter in a game of baseball or softball.
He pitched the ball right over the plate.
hurl, throw
similar words:
fling, heave, sling
definition 3: to serve as a baseball or softball pitcher.
The team's best pitcher is going to pitch in tonight's game.
similar words:
play, throw
definition 4: to set up or anchor.
He pitched camp near the river.The campers pitched their tent on level ground.
elect, establish, place, set
similar words:
fix, plant, put, rig
definition 5: to rock or move suddenly from one side or end to the other.
The ship pitched hard in the storm.
lurch, rock, roll, toss
similar words:
flounder, heave, plunge, rock, thrash, wallow
phrase: pitch in
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the throw of a baseball by the pitcher toward the batter, who tries to hit it.
She threw three perfect pitches and struck out the batter.
similar words:
throw, toss
definition 2: the rise or slope.
The pitch of the road makes speeding dangerous.
grade, inclination, slant, slope
similar words:
incline, tilt, upgrade
definition 3: the highest degree or pace.
The children were in a pitch of excitement before the party.
degree, intensity, peak, zenith
similar words:
crescendo, height, level, pace
definition 4: the high or low quality of a sound or musical note.
The high pitch of the cat's cries hurt my ears.
similar words:
sound, tone
definition 5: the British word for the marked area of ground on which a specific sport is played. "Pitch" has the same meaning as "playing field."
We gathered at the football pitch an hour before the game started.
definition 6: the British word for the specific spot of ground on which one sets up a tent or camper for camping. "Pitch" has the same meaning as "campsite."
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