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part of speech: verb
pronunciation: pr dus
inflections: produces, producing, produced
definition 1: to bring into being.
Our chickens produce eggs for market.
generate, give, make, yield
similar words:
account, bear, breed, cause, determine, do, furnish, grow, hammer out, hatch, issue, lay, lead, provide, supply
definition 2: to make or manufacture.
This factory produces towels.
make, manufacture
similar words:
build, compose, concoct, construct, create, do, fashion, form, issue, process
definition 3: to present; bring forward into view.
The lawyer produced new evidence at the trial.
similar words:
display, exhibit, reveal, show, uncover
definition 4: to put together and present for the public to enjoy.
The class produced a play about forest life.
similar words:
effect, enact, exhibit, organize, present, put on, stage
part of speech: noun
pronunciation: pro dus [or] pra dus
definition: things made or grown in order to be sold, especially fresh fruit and vegetables.
That farmer's produce is the best in the county.
similar words:
crop, fruits, greens, harvest, product, staples, vegetables, yield
derivations: producible (produceable) (adj.), producibility (n.)
Word Builder: produce +
  • producer:
    a person or thing that produces something.
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  digestion, economy, fruit, industry, milk, organ, theater, vegetable
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