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pro t kawl [or] pro t kal
parts of speech:
noun, intransitive verb
Word Parts
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the rules pertaining to etiquette and ceremonial observances among diplomats, heads of state, and the military.
Diplomatic protocol demands that the host country display the flag of the visiting dignitary's country.
similar words:
ceremony, convention, custom, form, formalities, observances, policy, regulations
definition 2: the proper or agreed upon way of conducting oneself or of doing something.
Office protocol used to require that managers be addressed by their last name and title.A new protocol has been established for the evacuation of students during an emergency.
definition 3: an original or preliminary draft, copy, or record of an agreement, esp. a treaty.
similar words:
agreement, draft, treaty
definition 4: a set of conventions for treatment and formatting of computer data in communication across a network.
part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: protocols, protocoling, protocolling, protocoled, protocolled
definition: to prepare or issue a protocol.
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