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parts of speech:
noun, verb
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part of speech: noun
definition: a machine for moving a liquid or gas from one place to another.
I pulled up my car to the gas pump.
part of speech: verb
inflections: pumps, pumping, pumped
definition 1: to move using a pump or as if using a pump.
We pumped water from the flooded basement.
definition 2: to take away a fluid from by using a pump (often followed by "out").
We pumped out the tank.
definition 3: to cause to fill with gas or air by using a pump (often followed by "up").
She pumped up her bicycle tire.
definition 4: to move with quick motions up and down or back and forth.
He pumped the brake pedal to test the car's brakes.
definition 5: to try hard to get information from someone.
Ted pumped me for information about Tina.
derivations: pumplike (adj.), pumper (n.)
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