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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an arrow or spear, or the long, straight part of one that is connected to the head.
He held the spear by the shaft as he threw it.
definition 2: a straight beam or ray.
Shafts of light broke through the clouds.
definition 3: a long, straight section or handle of something.
The shaft of the hoe was made of wood.
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definition 4: a tall, straight pole or support.
The shaft of the flagpole at school is metal.
definition 5: a rod in a machine that turns and is often attached to gears. The shaft transfers power or motion from one part to another.
A drive shaft in a car carries power and motion from the engine to the wheels.
definition 6: a deep passage that goes straight down or at a slant.
An elevator moves up and down inside an elevator shaft.A mine shaft is often built on a slant.
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